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Solitaire - A Brief Story

During the 18th century man has developed an efficient way of spending ones time when alone. The game of solitaire was invented in order to keep man's mind occupied when there was spare time available.

This game has gained so much popularity that people continued playing it even in our times. We are talking about the era of computers. Those computer users who have Windows as their operating system, have Solitaire as a game installed as a basic feature. It doesn't matter if you're playing Solitaire on a computer or with classic cards because the entertainment of this game is understood by all Solitaire players.

There are a few things man has no idea where or when they appeared. Things such as the invention of fire or astronomy are to be mentioned among these. Therefore, it's true that no one knows exactly how this game first appeared. We are only left with a few hints on how Solitaire was invented.

It is said that Solitaire was first played in Northern Europe in Scandinavia or the Baltic region. These places lack the presence of sun during the cold winter months. This habitat can be responsible for the development of such a game.

Some say that Solitaire was invented by people as a way of fortunetelling when dealing with the lack of sun and cold winds. It makes sense. Kind of.

Solitaire was easily spread. Historical records show that this game was a played game in France in the first part of the 19th century. During those times, France used to be that country that set the trends. France had gotten rid of the monarchy only to bring it back again. This game played an important role in making the metric system popular.

It is said that just how we play Solitaire, there are famous people in history who played this game. A French guy that went by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte played Solitaire. We are not told if he played this game at the beginning of his reign or if he started playing the game when he was exiled.

all about solitiare

Solitaire Today

People named the game in various names across the world. One of the names is patience. The game had not only multiple naming but there were also variations of the game. Here's a few that were named in accordance with Napoleon's exile: Napoleon at St Helena or Napoleon's Square.

Many people today who use a computer can easily play solitaire online since it's integrated in their PC system and can also be found on many websites.